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Support Services
In the process of event preparation, Unistaff Corporate Communications employees are prepared to undertake resolution of all service issues and provide a full range of additional services that you may need. Here are just some of them:

Development of the general event concept,
preparation of a creative scenario

Design and decoration of the event, including
flower arrangement

Development and production
of promotional merchandise

Running and coordinating the event

Selection and reservation of the location

Photo and video recording

Simultaneous translation


Provision of temporary staff

Organization of technical support for the event (provision of audio equipment, light equipment and projectors, other types of technical support)

Visa support, booking air and railway tickets for regional and international events

Hotel booking and control over accommodation of the event participants

Transfer services, meeting and seeing the participants off at airports and railway stations

Cargo delivery, transportation services, logistics

Resolution of safety issues (including agreements with public authorities)

Making settlements and financial services

And many other services

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